Posted 2 months ago

i have been watching ssohpkc’s gameplay of watchdogs and this lady here is a badass DAYUMMM! love her!

Posted 3 months ago

Im bored in class and i just wanted to try drawing eddy kenway~

Posted 3 months ago

TWDG Epi 3 JUST CAME OUT!! hory shiet YES!!!! Badass clemyclu and FCUK CARVER!!

drew older clemy for shits and giggles^u^

Posted 4 months ago

ehehehhehe drew a teeny little poodypie~

Posted 4 months ago

Drew a lil somethin ^U^ my OC Nadine and im hyping myself for later creature stream by watching james and alek’s valentines stream!! B) hope i can wake up for it!!! ^U^

Posted 4 months ago

hahha! i know its very late :[ but heres a wip in working on!! its catwomankoots and batdanz B] during the DC Stream week ^U^

Posted 4 months ago

for anyone wondering wheres the easter egg, heres a close up pic of where its located HUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUEHUHEUHEUHE!!!

Posted 4 months ago

Family Potrait

cameraman: “Ready? Smile!”

koots: “Alright kids, show him a great, big smile!”

danz: “Smile baybee~”

seamus: “Do we have to?” *meh smile*

spoon: “ALRIGHT!”

sly: “C’mere ya little brat!”

james: “Ahahaha! Yeah! Take this a-hole!”

alek: “Damn dude! Stop it! I’m trying to look good!”

cameraman: “eh heh…” *snaps*

 HUEHUEHUEHUEHEUHEU i am done!!! yayyyyyyy~ sry it took so long. school started so need to set time for school works and i dont wanna leave this hanging^U^ also sry for like the most simpliest of shading and colouring :[ hope you guys love it^U^

ouh yea…psst.. thrs an easter eggy in this pic, see whether u can find it B] (nothing impt if u dont wanna find it ^U^)

Posted 4 months ago

hehehehehhehe B] im doing this now! idk why but i made dan look so womanly(?) B}}}}}}}

Posted 4 months ago



yay digiart this piece ^U^

its stypls’s au!! and i also need to find better paper textures :[ meh~


Yay^^ im glad u liked it senpai sty ^U^